Monday, February 21, 2011

iron fey

i've been reading a lot lately and when i get a real good read i have to share it because in a world full of books there are few that i get completely wrapped up in and this is one of them.

normally i wait to rave about a book when i'm finished reading it, but i'm halfway through this series and i can't put it down, nor stop thinking about it. it's becoming an inspiration in my writing. extra bonus.

the iron fey series. you're reading a book about faerys? you may ask...and yes. yes i am. and i'm in love with it.

the first book was intriguing enough in summary and i heard lots of good things about it so i thought why not? i'm on the third book now and they just get better and better. but of course, there's a fourth  book and i'm left stranded...stuck in the middle of yet another series waiting for my closure.

enjoy a little forbidden love? bad boys? humor? action? adventure? oh, the iron fey series has all of the above. julie kagawa really knows how to write her main men. mmm...i'd love me some ash. he's right up there with edward, peeta and jace and with my standards...that's hard to do.