Saturday, August 13, 2011


Would you read a book about faeries? Cuz i may or may not be writing one...

Friday, August 12, 2011


as i do on a daily basis, i was searching through my book blogs and goodreads looking for my next feast of literature(yes i said feast) even though i already have three books i still need to finish...and i came across a book i've seen on shelves for a few months, but the cover has steered me away...

Has anyone read it yet? apparently it's supposed to be amazing. I looked the chick up who wrote it...she's 22! i don't know if that's supposed to give me hope or make me feel incompetent. i feel the later. this woman was writing divergent in college rather than doing homework and now she's a new york times best seller. whaaaaaat? how do these people get so lucky?(aside from the fact that they can write)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i belong in the forest

has anyone heard of the ethnographers? look them up. i love them. they've been the inspiration behind my new book. ryan introduced them to me a few months ago. "grandfather said" is our favorite song. my title will make more sense if you listen to it.

i'm making awesome progress (compared to my usual pace) on my new book. i'm almost halfway done with my first draft and i really hope it turns out as great as it feels like its going to be. i'm trying to make it a book that even if you aren't a supernatural/fantasy lover it will be a book you can get into. i want to do for others what stephenie meyer did for me. yes. i just mentioned stephenie meyer.

i'll keep updating you because i know you all care so much.

Friday, June 24, 2011

if i were friends with kristen stewart

i would show her this video...

this is jennifer lawerence. she's going to be playing katniss in the hunger games movies, which i'm totally stoked about, by the way. who isn't really? she was asked about how her life kind of exploded after she accepted the role. i love her already. she seems so fun.

"i hope it literally goes like that."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

another project

so...i started a new book. now i know what you're thinking...mindy, why don't you just finish the one you started already!? well i'll tell you why. i don't know. i'm at a standstill with that book. i read it over and over again and i'm constantly editing it and adding dialog and it just doesn't ever seem to resolve any reservations i have with the storyline. it's lacking and i can't figure out what it needs. it's really frustrating. so i'm taking a step back from it. it's pointless to force the storyline because then i know i'll just go back and change it. it has to just come to me and it's not. maybe it's just not meant to be. NO. i won't expect that. i've been working on it for over two and half years. i won't just toss it to the side. but i'll let it come to me when it wants to.

so! my new book just started flowing into my head and i had to write it down. i've been working on it for less than a week now and i'm over 10,500 words into it. it just keeps coming, so i'm going with it. why push back when i've got the inspiration? i'm kind of excited about it. now's not the time to dive into what it's about, but when i tell you, you can't laugh at me. okay? okay.

i'll check back soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


my name is mindy and i'm a bookaholic. seriously. i think it's becoming an issue now. no actually we're WAY past that. it's an issue. an obsession. after getting my nook i've spend over $200 dollars in books. since december. now in "heated" debates with the husband i've tried to justify that with, "but babe, i've been able to get over 40 books with that money. that's a steal!" to which the husband replies, "you rationalize buying books just because you can get them for cheap, but you're still spending money..."

he's caught me red handed.

i know i should be more responsible, but its as if i can't help myself. send me into a mall with all my favorite stores with sales up the wazoo and i can resist temptation, but once i see a book that intrigues me and i see...what? it's only $1.99? *click* and its mine.

it's dangerous. severely dangerous for our bank account considering i read 2 to 3 books a week on average.

i think a library card is going to be necessary if i want my marriage to last much longer.

the stack of books beside my bed, waiting/in the process of being feasted upon.

(notice the thin gray one--that's the nook with 3 more books waiting to be read)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

where she went

 if you know me, you know i LOVE the happily ever afters. i love rainbows and sunshine and butterflies because honestly there are enough depressing stories in real life, but man oh man...i just finished a sequel to if i stay by gayle forman. there are very few writers that not only have me engrossed in reading because i want to know what happens, but have me hanging on to every word they write. some stories i can't wait to get to the end of just so i can finally have the closure of an ending. not even because the story is dragging, but because i just can't handle the suspense. gayle forman writes so beautifully and passionately, you can't help but drink in everything she writes and hope the story never ends. and rarely do you find a sequel that you love just as much as the first if not more. if i stay stood strongly on its own and when i heard there was a sequel--where she went--i waited on the edge of my seat for it to come out. keep your tissue boxes handy for both books, but read them. you must.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

i'm in my own little world, but it's okay...they know me here

my co-worker asked me yesterday, "did you write last night?" to which i replied, "yes." she said, " i can tell. i can tell whenever you've written the night before. you come in in the morning and it's like you're lost in your own little world."

i can only imagine the type of person i've become, completely spacing and lost in thought half the time. i know my husband is feeling a little neglected, but i just feel too close to stop now. i love my own little world. there's so much stress and sadness in life and i get to escape everyday into these worlds that i've created.

i've begun working on my third draft. i received a little bit of feedback on my second which definitely helped put a few aspects of the book in perspective. i'm excited about the next draft. i've changed around quite a few things that i think will help with the flow and pick up the pace and excitement. maybe give it a little more of an edge. i think i need more edge. there's no sense in boring the readers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

iron fey

i've been reading a lot lately and when i get a real good read i have to share it because in a world full of books there are few that i get completely wrapped up in and this is one of them.

normally i wait to rave about a book when i'm finished reading it, but i'm halfway through this series and i can't put it down, nor stop thinking about it. it's becoming an inspiration in my writing. extra bonus.

the iron fey series. you're reading a book about faerys? you may ask...and yes. yes i am. and i'm in love with it.

the first book was intriguing enough in summary and i heard lots of good things about it so i thought why not? i'm on the third book now and they just get better and better. but of course, there's a fourth  book and i'm left stranded...stuck in the middle of yet another series waiting for my closure.

enjoy a little forbidden love? bad boys? humor? action? adventure? oh, the iron fey series has all of the above. julie kagawa really knows how to write her main men. mmm...i'd love me some ash. he's right up there with edward, peeta and jace and with my standards...that's hard to do.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


SO for months and months and MONTHS i struggled to get a basic plot for the first novel in my series. the reason being when i started writing the series, it began with a dream(cliche? stephenie meyerish? maybe. but she's not the only one to have a dream and write about it). the dream was the last scene of the entire saga, so that left me with learning where the people began and what they went through to get to that point. when i finished my first draft back in july(let's be honest) dragged. the main man was too perfect and slightly creepy. i used "just" and "basically" too much and most importantly, it lacked a plot(kinda of crucial to a book, but maybe that's just me). with this second draft down, i'm praying that the basic plot is there. and now i think i finally have it in synopsis form. so tell me, fellow readers, what are your thoughts? 

After the death of her father, Aveline lost hope in a life with happily ever afters. Romance was nonexistent and she liked it that way. But when Jesse, an alluring new boy in town, falls into her life, she just can't seem to escape him. Then chilling notes start popping up in personal spaces and haunting dreams with unsettling warnings cloud her nights causing her to question not only her sanity, but their connection to the new addition into her life.

would you be intrigued enough to pick up a copy or does it sound cliche and overdone? too vague? be HONEST. please. and thank you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

second draft

i had a goal for myself last year(it's so weird to say that) to finish a second draft of my bookala(alix created the name. i can take no credit). SO new years eve, guess what i spent my time doing? yup. i finished it at nine that night and it felt good.

THIS year my goal is to have the book done and in the process of publishing. whether that be through self-publishing or traditional, i haven't decided here's where you(if there are any of you reading this) come into play...

i've sent out a couple copies of it for feedback so i can make it better, but i'd love more readers. the more comments and thoughts the better. i won't be able to please everyone obviously, but it helps me brainstorm and clear some writers block.

my bookala is very close to my heart and i'm very protective of my blood sweat and tears, so i don't want to send too many copies of it out. i have a hard time even sending out any copies at all but i know i'll have to let whoever wants to read it eventually. but please if you are interested in an unfinished/polished rough draft, let me know..i could definitely use the feedback!