Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it IS time

alright ladies and's time. i've made my decision...

i'm self-publishing!

what! yes! and i'm so excited! can you tell?

A LOT goes in to self-publishing. copy edits, making your own cover, formatting, yada...yada...yada... i'm sure you all care so much, so i won't go into too much detail...

right now my book is in the hands of a very qualified editor/grammar nazi(or so i'm told..she's the friend of a family member) to nit-pick and tear the book to shreds(so to speak) so it can be at its best before publication. hopefully, she enjoys reading it and doesn't tell me, you suck. never write again. that would delay the process quite a bit.

sometime at the end of this month we'll be doing a little book cover photo-shoot. thanks to some very awesome friends! Abbey Benson will be taking the photos and my fabulous friend JJ offered to dye her hair and traipse about in the forest so we can get some good should be GREAT fun. i can hardly wait!

now for those of you curious enough to purchase a copy, i will only be doing e-books for now. i want to see how it does before doing paperbacks. if it does well then SWEET. paperbacks will be provided. but that may not happen for awhile. gotta get my name out there first!

so now that you know you can start following my "official" writer's blog: where i will be updating all things to do with my writing and books and all things literary related.

in all honesty i probably won't be writing on this blog anymore. so venture on over to my NEW blog for more from me:)

wish me luck friends! yay!

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