Sunday, January 23, 2011


SO for months and months and MONTHS i struggled to get a basic plot for the first novel in my series. the reason being when i started writing the series, it began with a dream(cliche? stephenie meyerish? maybe. but she's not the only one to have a dream and write about it). the dream was the last scene of the entire saga, so that left me with learning where the people began and what they went through to get to that point. when i finished my first draft back in july(let's be honest) dragged. the main man was too perfect and slightly creepy. i used "just" and "basically" too much and most importantly, it lacked a plot(kinda of crucial to a book, but maybe that's just me). with this second draft down, i'm praying that the basic plot is there. and now i think i finally have it in synopsis form. so tell me, fellow readers, what are your thoughts? 

After the death of her father, Aveline lost hope in a life with happily ever afters. Romance was nonexistent and she liked it that way. But when Jesse, an alluring new boy in town, falls into her life, she just can't seem to escape him. Then chilling notes start popping up in personal spaces and haunting dreams with unsettling warnings cloud her nights causing her to question not only her sanity, but their connection to the new addition into her life.

would you be intrigued enough to pick up a copy or does it sound cliche and overdone? too vague? be HONEST. please. and thank you.


  1. I'd pick it up(: It sound mysterious, and that's what I like in books. It makes me want to know more about Aveline. Very good(:

  2. I'd pick it up and read it. It makes me wonder what is going on! Now you better finish and publish so I actually can read it!