Saturday, January 8, 2011

second draft

i had a goal for myself last year(it's so weird to say that) to finish a second draft of my bookala(alix created the name. i can take no credit). SO new years eve, guess what i spent my time doing? yup. i finished it at nine that night and it felt good.

THIS year my goal is to have the book done and in the process of publishing. whether that be through self-publishing or traditional, i haven't decided here's where you(if there are any of you reading this) come into play...

i've sent out a couple copies of it for feedback so i can make it better, but i'd love more readers. the more comments and thoughts the better. i won't be able to please everyone obviously, but it helps me brainstorm and clear some writers block.

my bookala is very close to my heart and i'm very protective of my blood sweat and tears, so i don't want to send too many copies of it out. i have a hard time even sending out any copies at all but i know i'll have to let whoever wants to read it eventually. but please if you are interested in an unfinished/polished rough draft, let me know..i could definitely use the feedback!


  1. send me your latest copy and i promise i will be better than the last time!

  2. I would love to read it Mindy!! I'm SO impressed that you are writing a book. What an awesome accomplishment.

  3. Well you already know I want to read it(:(: Haha I'm ready!!

  4. Hey, it's Janessa (Brower) Burt! How are you? love reading your blog. It makes me laugh!

    I would love to read your rough draft!! I love that you are writing a book. That's where all great authors start, with their first book!!