Sunday, April 24, 2011


my name is mindy and i'm a bookaholic. seriously. i think it's becoming an issue now. no actually we're WAY past that. it's an issue. an obsession. after getting my nook i've spend over $200 dollars in books. since december. now in "heated" debates with the husband i've tried to justify that with, "but babe, i've been able to get over 40 books with that money. that's a steal!" to which the husband replies, "you rationalize buying books just because you can get them for cheap, but you're still spending money..."

he's caught me red handed.

i know i should be more responsible, but its as if i can't help myself. send me into a mall with all my favorite stores with sales up the wazoo and i can resist temptation, but once i see a book that intrigues me and i see...what? it's only $1.99? *click* and its mine.

it's dangerous. severely dangerous for our bank account considering i read 2 to 3 books a week on average.

i think a library card is going to be necessary if i want my marriage to last much longer.

the stack of books beside my bed, waiting/in the process of being feasted upon.

(notice the thin gray one--that's the nook with 3 more books waiting to be read)

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