Thursday, April 21, 2011

where she went

 if you know me, you know i LOVE the happily ever afters. i love rainbows and sunshine and butterflies because honestly there are enough depressing stories in real life, but man oh man...i just finished a sequel to if i stay by gayle forman. there are very few writers that not only have me engrossed in reading because i want to know what happens, but have me hanging on to every word they write. some stories i can't wait to get to the end of just so i can finally have the closure of an ending. not even because the story is dragging, but because i just can't handle the suspense. gayle forman writes so beautifully and passionately, you can't help but drink in everything she writes and hope the story never ends. and rarely do you find a sequel that you love just as much as the first if not more. if i stay stood strongly on its own and when i heard there was a sequel--where she went--i waited on the edge of my seat for it to come out. keep your tissue boxes handy for both books, but read them. you must.

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